Sunday, April 29, 2012

GOLD Experience!

Hey Everyone! We are teaming up with BrittNicoleBrasil on their GOLD Experience! I’m so excited to do it! Read the directions below to enter in your submission. I hope that you all participate! J

“Have you ever wanted to say something to Britt Nicole? To tell her how songs speak to you, or how they’ve changed your life, your way of looking at the circumstances in some way? This is your chance! Join us in the GOLD Experience!
What is the Gold Experience? Well, we’ll join videos from Britt fans all over the world and make a big special, making sure that Britt will watch! :-) Want to know how to participate? Just follow the 3 steps below:
1. Record a video (30 secs – 3 minutes | NO music in the background) sharing what Britt Nicole’s Gold Album means to you. We want to know your favorite song and how God is using Britt music to change your life. You can also share a personal fan experience. Tell us who is worth more than Gold in your life. End your video recording with “Thanks Britt for the GOLD EXPERIENCE.” Don’t forget telling where you’re from!
2. Upload the video to YouTube. Be sure to put “Britt Nicole #GOLDexperience” in the description box.
3. Email the link to | All video submissions are due May 15th.”