How has Britt influenced you? Have any of her songs touched you? You can send your stories to with the subject as "Britt's Influence".

"Hey Britt! I just wanted to let you know that me and my sisters love you! I am 17 and have an older sister and 2 younger sisters. Morgan(19), me, Sarah(14), and Rebecca(10) all sing at our church. We all love your music. My mom is from Emporia, VA,  later moving to China Grove and my dad is originally from China Grove, NC. They both graduated from South Rowan High School. We think that it is pretty cool that you lived there too. Last year, me and my mom were on our way to my orthodontist visit in Salisbury. We had the radio on New Life 91.9 and we heard your interview. Then you sang 'The Lost Get Found', without the background music. We were so amazed at how good you sounded. It sounded like we were listening to a CD instead of listening to you sing live. You have an amazing voice! My mom bought me your new CD for Christmas, the year before last. I love it. You're music is so inspiring! Listening to your songs make me want to go out and spread God's Word to everyone I see. One of my favorite songs on the CD is 'Glow'. Keep up the fantastic work! Love you girl and we are praying for your safety on the road! Thank you for being such an awesome Christian role model for me and my sisters, as well as so many other girls in the world. Maybe one day, we will be able to meet you.

Another thing about you is, that you look a lot like our friend Samantha Hussey did. She was 19 and she was going to be my older sister's sister-in-law. She was killed in a car wreck on October the 6th of last year. It was really bad for me and my family to have to go through. She was a Christian, so that does help in this kind of situation. But everytime I or we see your picture, we think of Samantha, because you really do look a lot alike. She was a great person. We miss her a lot, but knowing that we are going to see her again in Heaven, makes it not as hard as it could be."
Jenny Walter, United States

"The song by Britt that has really influenced me is "Have Your Way". I used to question why things would always happen to me, why life didn't go as planned, but that song spoke to me and told me that God doesn't promise that life will be perfect but that he does promise he will always take care of me. :)"
Graciela Acosta

"Britt Nicole has been one of the biggest inspirations to me since i heard her music. it really dug down deep.  The song that i would say hit's me the most is walk on water. When i really listened to this song, i heard all of the ways she is talking about how we doubt ourselves and how we really need to step out in faith, but the more i listened i looked at just everyday life, and everyone around me. How so many people have built up these walls, and they really just need to step out. Don't be afraid of whats out there. And it really hit me, How much one compliment can really change someones day, i just started adding hey beautiful or gorgeous to my some of my friends text and they say wow thanks for the smile today, and i know that i have changed and helped with the walls we build and make them feel a bit happier but also feel better in themselves"
Marisa from Alberta,Canada