Friday, December 23, 2011

Story behind "All This Time"

The story behind "All This Time" was posted on Britt's site December 21. Take some time to read the whole thing. It makes the song much more meaningful! 

In preparation for the release of Britt's new album this spring, her first single "All This Time" will impact radio starting early January 2012.
Britt's story behind the song:

"All This Time is my salvation story.  It is the story of how I met
Jesus, and a reminder that whatever we face in life, we don't have to
face it alone because Jesus promised to never leave us or forsake us.

Here is a glimpse at my story and I hope one day I can hear yours.

When I was seven years old my parents were going through a divorce. I
remember running to my room with tears running down my face and opening
my big, pink, Precious Moments Bible (I know some of y'all had one of
those too!  haha).  I grew up hearing my grandpa preach about Jesus and
in that moment I needed Him to rescue me. With barely any words I cried
out to Jesus and right away I felt His presence fill my bedroom.  I knew
that He was real; I knew that He was with me and that He would never

Ever since that day there has never been a moment that I have walked
alone. Jesus has walked with me through the good and the bad. He is a
loyal and faithful God; the God who sees our heartache and knows that
the picture is much bigger than what we can see. He restores our
brokenness and redeems what we thought could never be redeemed.

But, this isn't just about my story, it's about yours. Your story
will reach people that I could never reach. Your story could be the
beginning of someone else's. So I encourage you to tell your story. No
matter how painful, how dark, how broken it may be, let people know that
our God rescues, saves, and restores and turns our pain into something

Together our stories will change the world and people will know that
God is real not because of the mere facts, but because we have
experienced Him.  I once heard a writer say, "Facts stay lodged in the
mind, but stories speak to the heart." Stories disarm the heart. No one
can argue with your story. It is real, it is powerful, and it is life

When someone asks me why I believe, I simply say, I believe in Jesus
not because someone told me to or because it was the right thing to do,
but because I met Him when I was just a little girl and He has been my
best friend and Father since. He saved me from a broken life and gave me
something to sing about. He restored my darkest moments and I know what
the enemy meant for bad, Jesus will turn for good.

It's not always easy to see in the moment, but if you take a second
to stop and look back over your life, you can see how God has always
been there watching over you, protecting you, and guiding you all the
way up until this very morning. From the first tear cried till today's
sunrise, He's been walking with you and with me, All This Time. "  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Single: All This Time

Hey BrittNicoleFans! We've all been waiting for new music from Britt! Here it is! The song is called "All This Time". The song will be released in early January, but there are a few radio stations that are playing it now. You can hear the song on NGEN radio and Joy! FM 

Monday, December 12, 2011

New album: Britt's announcement

Hey Britt Nicole Fans! Britt just announced on twitter that she will be releasing the new album this spring. Check it out! 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Britt Nicole Interview with NGEN radio

Just found another recent interview with Britt! In this interview she gives us a little more information on the new album (information that we're all itching to hear!). I know that we haven't heard a lot form Britt in the past few months, so it was really awesome to find this interview! I hope that you all enjoy! 

"North Carolina native artist Britt Nicole first made her presence known in 2007 with her debut album, Say It.  Her songs have been featured in numerous films and video games including Like A Star and Set The World On Fire can be heard in major motion picture, Soul Surfer. Her sophomore project, The Lost Get Found, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.  The album’s title track rocketed to No. 1 on the Radio & Records CHR chart, spending eight consecutive weeks in the top position.  I spoke with Britt while she was on a bus in Nashville on the first day of the Leaving Eden Tour with Brandon Heath.

Q: I saw on your Twitter that you set your hair on fire?
A: I sure did.  I’m ok with being made fun of, so I thought I might as well share with the world!  I leaned over my candle on my nightstand and I heard it sizzle!  It was dark so I couldn’t tell if it was a big section of hair or not, but I was so tired I thought I would figure it out in the morning and just went to sleep.  I’ve got a lot of hair so it’s easy to cover it up!

Q: Who do you like to follow on Twitter?
A: I follow a lot of my friends.  They aren’t famous so nobody will know who they are.

Q: You have a chance to make them famous right now!
A: I follow my friend, Tiffany, she is from Hawaii.

Q: Tiffany Thurston is famous!  She sings for Natalie Grant!
A: Ok, I guess she is famous!  She always has really encouraging tweets and she is funny, too.  I also like to follow Reverend Run from RunDMC.  He posts a lot of scriptures and good, inspiring thoughts.  When Twitter for came out I didn’t like it.  I was more into the Myspace and Facebook, until I finally gave in and got an account, then I was hooked!

Q: How is the new album coming along?
A: I’m a perfectionist, so it’s going a little slower than planned, but we are still aiming to release it in the Spring of next year.  I’ve got about four songs recorded right now, but I’m still writing new ones.  I have about 50 new songs to choose from.  I could just take 10 and knock it out fast, but I want to make sure we are picking the best.  I’m trying to work with other songwriters more as well.  I have a lot of friends that are songwriters, so why not write with your friends?

Q: What is your favorite thing about fall?
A: I love everything about fall!  I’m looking out the bus window right now at the beautiful colors of the leaves in Tennessee.  I love pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin candles, scarves and the food!  I don’t know that it’s my favorite season, but it’s at least in the top four!

Q: This bus you are on is part of the Leaving Eden Tour with your buddy, Brandon Heath.  How is it going so far?
A: It just started, with 40 cities ahead of us, but we are really excited to be doing this together.  We love getting in front of crowds to sing these songs and to minister to people.  Coming to the Woodlands is going to be one of the highlights I’m sure!  Right now, Brandon is up in the front of the bus doing phone interviews, while I’m in the back.  We have 13 people on the bus so I was making calls in the floor of the shower because there wasn’t any room anywhere to sit!  But Brandon found me in there and let me sit in the back lounge.  He’s so hospitable! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Twitter Layout!

Hey everyone! Finally got the new Twitter layout! Hope you like it! Follow BrittNicoleFans on twitter! Let's try to get to 200 followers in the next two weeks! You can tweet I love #Brittnicolefans on twitter to help us get more followers than ever! Let's reach the goal!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Results!

Hey Britt Nicole Fans! Thanks for entering in the Scavenger Hunt! I've decided that everyone who entered will be receiving something in the mail in the next week or two! Thanks for participating!

But, we do have one Grand Prize winner though! (Drum roll please!) Our winner for the scavenger hunt is Hannahlize Joseph from London, England! Congratulations! Hannahlize will be receiving an autograph from Britt Nicole and an autographed devotional from Bethany Hamilton!

Here are the top three finalists! 
1. Hannahlize Joseph from London, England
2. Naomi Michaelson from Tomball, Texas
3. Andrea Sertell from Findlay, Ohio

Thanks for entering the scavenger hunt! I hope all of you learned a little bit more about Britt Nicole! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Questions!

Hey everyone! Here are the questions to the scavenger hunt! I also attached the rules/guidelines if you did not see those. Be sure to only send in your answers August 19th! (That's next Friday!) The winner will be announced Sunday, August 21! The winner will receive an autograph from Britt Nicole and an autographed devotional from Bethany Hamilton!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Britt's new album!

Hey guys! Be sure to come back Friday (August 12th) to get your questions for the scavenger hunt! The winner will receive an autograph from Britt Nicole and an autographed devotional from Bethany Hamilton!

  I was researching for some information about Britt's upcoming album and found an article from Jesus Freak Hideout about Britt going on tour with Brandon Heath. At the end of the article, they gave some information about Britt, I was so happy to find this line!

"The North Carolina native is currently working on her next studio album and expects an upcoming 2012 release." 

Check the article out for yourself! Click here!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Britt Nicole Fans Scavenger Hunt!

Hey BrittNicoleFans! Anyone ready for a contest? I’ve got one that I’m so excited to post! Would you like to win an autograph from Britt Nicole and an autograph devotional from Bethany Hamilton? Then read on! I’ve decided that I think it would be fun to have a scavenger hunt! Download the following Document to find out everything you need to know. Be sure to read and re-read the rules to make sure that your entry fits! Any entry that does not follow the guidelines is automatically out!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Britt!

Thanks for sending in your videos and pictures! We hope that Britt has an amazing Birthday! Be sure to Tweet her a message including #HappyBrittday and @itsbrittnicole I'm sure she'll appreciate your tweets! Click on the image above to see the video!

Monday, July 18, 2011

This next year.....

Hey BrittNicoleFans! Have you been wondering what's next for Britt? I think we all have! She's been working so hard in the studio lately (Give her a tweet of encouragement while she works, she'll appreciate it!)! On July 15,2011 Britt tweeted this message!

"This next year is gonna be amazing! :) I feel it :)"

 Are you ready for an awesome year too? I love seeing God work in mysterious ways! Hopefully we will see a new album from Britt  in the next year! Are you all as excited as I am? Hope you are! Also, if you'd like to participate in our Birthday surprise for Britt, get your videos and pictures in soon!! The due date is July 25th! Need to see the post again, click here for more details!!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Britt Nicole Sennheiserusa Interview

Just found this interview that Britt did for Sennheiserusa. She has been using Sennheiserusa microphones throughout her tours. In this interview she talks about music, writing, and life on the road. Hope you enjoy it! (And if you're reading this Britt, I loved the jacket you had on!) Enjoy!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Britt Nicole Brasil & Britt Nicole Fans Birthday Bash!

Hey everyone! Britt Nicole Brasil and Britt Nicole Fans have decided to team up for Britt's birthday surpirse! If you're interested in being a part of it, read this post from Britt Nicole Brasil...

"Hey guys! Britt’s birthday is coming (August 2)! Last year some people joined us for a “virtual gift”. Let’s make something special this year again?! We hope for more people to join us on this year! We’ll make a video with pictures and videos that you guys will send to us.
You can send us a picture of you holding a big card wishing a happy birthday to her, holding a birthday cake; or you can record a video, upload it on YouTube and then send its link to us. But, ATTENTION, your video can’t exceed 30 seconds, OK?! You can send your photos or your video’s link to our email: (or You can send it until 25th July!"

Also, Remember to include your first name and the name of the country that you live in! You can send your video link or picture to or!

Drop Dead Diva

Hey guys! A few weeks ago Britt Nicole's song "Safe" was featured on the show Drop Dead Diva. Here's a video of the song on the show! Sorry I didn't get this out earlier, I just found the video. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Britt's New Record!

Check out what Britt said on Twitter today!

"Hey guys! Gonna be doing a lot of writing the next two weeks for the new record! Would love your prayers!:) God show up!"
"Also if there is something u would like for me to write about, tweet me! I would love to know what's going on in your life!"

I think that we'll be seeing a new album from Britt very soon! Be in prayer for Britt as she writes, pray that God would give her the words that she needs to write. Be sure to tweet her your ideas, I'm sure she'd appreciate them!

BrittNicoleFans 5.0 is here!

Hope you all like the new layout! I wanted the new layout to have some color! Hope you like it!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


  This fall, Britt Nicole will be joining Brandon Heath on his “Leaving Eden” tour. Brandon Heath co-wrote “Found by You” with Britt Nicole, which is a song off of her most recent EP, “Acoustic EP”. Brandon Heath has written many great Christian hits, such as, “I’m Not Who I Was” and “Give Me Your Eyes”. Take a look at the dates to see if they’ll be coming to your area!

10/6: Elmhurst, Ill. – Elmhurst Church
10/7: Anderson, Ind. – Madison Park Church
10/8: Buffalo, N.Y.*
10/9: Fairmont, W.Va. – Trinity AOG
10/13: York, Pa. – Pullo Center
10/14: Cicero, N.Y. – Believer’s Chapel
10/15: Blakely, Pa. – Peckville AOG
10/16: Cincinnati, Ohio – Christ Church at Mason
10/20: Lansing, Mich. – Great Lakes Christian College
10/21: Ft. Wayne, Ind. – Embassy Theater*
For more tour dates, click here.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey BrittNicoleFans! Britt has been in the studio lately with Jason Ingram! She’s been posting on twitter that she’s been writing a lot of songs. Take a look…
  • Yep u guessed... I'm writing :) May 20, 2011
  •  Headed to write! :) May 19, 2011
  •  Writing with @jason_ingram :) I'm having funnn! :) May 17, 2011
  •  :) I feel Gods presence! :) He is so near. :) trust Him. Writing Some hits at one of the coolest studios ever! :) May 10, 2011

I hope you are all as excited as I am to hear that Britt is back in the studio! Brittany Burke has also tweeted Britt about being back in the studio….
  • @itsbrittnicole I'm so excited 2 hear how God is using u in this writing process as  a mouthpiece for Him. Can't wait for the new record. LY.
  • @ohmygoshbritto :) thanks britt! Me too, I hope it comes out sooner than later!

Also, Britt’s been posting some very meaningful thoughts that may have something to do with some of the songs that she is writing.
  • Choose life! May 15, 2011
  • To all the people struggling with who u are, God says we are fearfully and wonderfully made! :) May 9, 2011
  • I'm on my way to who I am :) May 9, 2011
  • "I am the way" John 14:6 May 9, 2011
I think Britt was feeling very inspired on May 9th! Be in prayer for her as she is writing music. Pray for God to give her the words that she needs to speak to those who need to hear it! Oh yah, remember to continue to send in your stories!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dove Awards 3

Found a video of Britt preforming at the Dove Awards. Thought you all might want to see it!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Immerse 2011

  On July 27th-30th Britt Nicole will be joining Jeremy Camp in Immerse 2011. This four day event is a training event for Christian artists, songwriters, worship leaders and future music business professionals.For more information go to Other speakers include Jason Ingram (who has written music with Britt Nicole and many other Christian artists), Craig Adams, Chris Blaney, Ben Glover, and Sarah Cates.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Britt's Influence!

  Check out our new page on the blog! It's called Britt's Influence. I know that there are a lot of stories out there about how Britt has influenced you. I wanted to be able to let you share them with other BrittNicoleFans! So, if you have a story about how Britt has influenced you, wether in a song or a concert, e-mail it to Be sure to include the following!

1. Your First Name
2. Your City and Country
3. Subject line has to say "Britt's Influence"

You may also include a picture of Britt and you!

There also will be another contest coming up soon! Keep checking back for more updates! You'll want to win this one! :) Happy Easter! May God bless each one of you!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

WOW #1s

   Britt Nicole's song the Lost Get Found was just recently released on the "WOW #1s". The first "WOW #1s" was released on April 5, 2005. It included songs such as Steven Curtis Chapman's "Dive", Nicole C. Mullen's "Redeemer" and dc Talk's "Jesus Freak". The "WOW #1s" are believed to be the best and greatest hits in Christian music history. The WOW #1s released On March 1st includes...

1. God With Us MercyMe
 2. Give Me Your Eyes Brandon Heath
3. The Motions Matthew West
4. Praise You In This Storm Casting Crowns
5. Cry Out To Jesus (Wherever You Are) Third Day
 6. The Words I Would Say (Album) Sidewalk Prophets
 7. There Will Be A Day Jeremy Camp
 8. Revelation Song Phillips, Craig And Dean
 9. Held Natalie Grant
 10. How Great Is Our God Chris Tomlin
 11. My Savior My God Aaron Shust
 12. I Am Mark Schults
 13. Cinderella Steven Curtis Chapman
 14. Here I Am To Worship Michael W. Smith                       
 15. What Faith Can Do Kutless
 16. Never Going Back To OK The Afters
 17. City On Our Knees TobyMac
 18. Free To Be Me Francesca Battistelli
 19. By Your Side Tenth Avenue North
 20. The Lost Get Found Britt Nicole
 21. Washed By The Water NeedToBreathe
 22. The Last Night Skillet
23. I'm Not Alright (The Face Of Love) Sanctus Real
 24. I Need You To Love Me BarlowGirl
 25. This Is Your Life Switchfoot
 26. Me And Jesus Stellar Kart
 27. Every Time I Breathe Big Daddy Weave
 28. Hide Joy Williams
 29. Everlasting God Lincoln Brewster
 30. Everything You Ever Wanted Hawk Nelson

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Britt Relaxin' in the Bahamas!

On April 3rd Britt released on Twitter that she was going to the Bahamas!

                               "I'm going to the Bahamas right now! 
                                                             Yep, it's happening! :)"
Bahamas Britt!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Lot of Updates


           Alright, I’m going to attempt to get all of this in one post! A lot of things have happened since the announcement of Britt’s songs in Soul Surfer! I received the answers to the questions you all asked Britt. Click Here to see the questions and answers!

            I twittered Bethany Hamilton (The girl that Soul Surfer is made after) asking her what songs of Britt’s will be in the movie. She replied saying this:

          @brittnicolefans - @itsbrittnicole's songs "Like a Star" and "Set the World on Fire" will be heard in @SoulSurferMovie!! Go see it on Apr 8!

I hope you all are planning ahead to see this movie! I am!

            One more announcement! Britt Nicole has been nominated for a Dove Award! Her manager posted on twitter that she was delighted to learn that she was nominated! Alongside Britt are the other nominees for Female Vocalist of the Year which are Audrey Assad, Francesca Battistelli, Natalie Grant, Janet Paschal,  Kerrie Roberts, and Laura Story. I’ll be trying to get more information on how we (BrittNicoleFans) can help her win that award! Keep checking back for updates on that!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Soul Surfer

     When Bethany Hamilton was 13 years old she had her left arm ripped off just right below her shoulder by a 15 ft tiger shark while she was surfing along Tunnels Beach, Kauai. After recovery in the hospital she was determined to start surfing again. Her story has encouraged many people to keep on going, even when it gets tough.

     You might be asking.... what does this have to do with Britt Nicole? Well, on April 8th, 2011 the story of Bethany Hamilton will be released in theaters! And guess who's songs will be in the movie. Britt's! Some of the cast member in the movie include AnnaSophia Robb as Bethany Hamilton, Dennis Quaid as Tom Hamilton, Helen Hunt as Cheri Hamilton and Carrie Underwood as Sarah Hill. Bethany tweeted Britt on February 11th about being excited that her songs were in the movie. I'm looking forward to the movie! Keep checking back, I'm going to try to find out what songs of Britt's are going to be in the movie! (I'm guessing Walk on the Water might be one of them!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Britt in Qutio, Ecuador

From June 27 - July 10, 2011 Britt Nicole will be going on a mission trip to Quito, Ecuador. She’ll be traveling with Susie Shellenberger, Shari Braendel, Pam Stenzel, Dannah Gresh and Jenny B. Jones. The mission trip is called Never The Same. If you were ever a fan of the Focus on the Family magazine Brio, Brio and Beyond, or Breakaway you’ll remember this mission trip! Susie Shellenberger started the Never the Same mission trips in 1996 with the first one to Bolivia. They’ve also been to Brazil, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, Peru & Guatemala. For more information on how you can sign up for the mission trip click here!

Monday, January 24, 2011


The BrittNicoleFans newsletter is finally here! You can sign up on the right side of the homepage! I'm still waiting for all your questions to be answered, they'll be coming soon! In the mean time, do sign up for the newsletter. We'll be sending it monthly about Britt!

Thanks BrittNicoleFans!