Monday, October 10, 2011

Britt Nicole Interview with NGEN radio

Just found another recent interview with Britt! In this interview she gives us a little more information on the new album (information that we're all itching to hear!). I know that we haven't heard a lot form Britt in the past few months, so it was really awesome to find this interview! I hope that you all enjoy! 

"North Carolina native artist Britt Nicole first made her presence known in 2007 with her debut album, Say It.  Her songs have been featured in numerous films and video games including Like A Star and Set The World On Fire can be heard in major motion picture, Soul Surfer. Her sophomore project, The Lost Get Found, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.  The album’s title track rocketed to No. 1 on the Radio & Records CHR chart, spending eight consecutive weeks in the top position.  I spoke with Britt while she was on a bus in Nashville on the first day of the Leaving Eden Tour with Brandon Heath.

Q: I saw on your Twitter that you set your hair on fire?
A: I sure did.  I’m ok with being made fun of, so I thought I might as well share with the world!  I leaned over my candle on my nightstand and I heard it sizzle!  It was dark so I couldn’t tell if it was a big section of hair or not, but I was so tired I thought I would figure it out in the morning and just went to sleep.  I’ve got a lot of hair so it’s easy to cover it up!

Q: Who do you like to follow on Twitter?
A: I follow a lot of my friends.  They aren’t famous so nobody will know who they are.

Q: You have a chance to make them famous right now!
A: I follow my friend, Tiffany, she is from Hawaii.

Q: Tiffany Thurston is famous!  She sings for Natalie Grant!
A: Ok, I guess she is famous!  She always has really encouraging tweets and she is funny, too.  I also like to follow Reverend Run from RunDMC.  He posts a lot of scriptures and good, inspiring thoughts.  When Twitter for came out I didn’t like it.  I was more into the Myspace and Facebook, until I finally gave in and got an account, then I was hooked!

Q: How is the new album coming along?
A: I’m a perfectionist, so it’s going a little slower than planned, but we are still aiming to release it in the Spring of next year.  I’ve got about four songs recorded right now, but I’m still writing new ones.  I have about 50 new songs to choose from.  I could just take 10 and knock it out fast, but I want to make sure we are picking the best.  I’m trying to work with other songwriters more as well.  I have a lot of friends that are songwriters, so why not write with your friends?

Q: What is your favorite thing about fall?
A: I love everything about fall!  I’m looking out the bus window right now at the beautiful colors of the leaves in Tennessee.  I love pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin candles, scarves and the food!  I don’t know that it’s my favorite season, but it’s at least in the top four!

Q: This bus you are on is part of the Leaving Eden Tour with your buddy, Brandon Heath.  How is it going so far?
A: It just started, with 40 cities ahead of us, but we are really excited to be doing this together.  We love getting in front of crowds to sing these songs and to minister to people.  Coming to the Woodlands is going to be one of the highlights I’m sure!  Right now, Brandon is up in the front of the bus doing phone interviews, while I’m in the back.  We have 13 people on the bus so I was making calls in the floor of the shower because there wasn’t any room anywhere to sit!  But Brandon found me in there and let me sit in the back lounge.  He’s so hospitable! 

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