Monday, July 18, 2011

This next year.....

Hey BrittNicoleFans! Have you been wondering what's next for Britt? I think we all have! She's been working so hard in the studio lately (Give her a tweet of encouragement while she works, she'll appreciate it!)! On July 15,2011 Britt tweeted this message!

"This next year is gonna be amazing! :) I feel it :)"

 Are you ready for an awesome year too? I love seeing God work in mysterious ways! Hopefully we will see a new album from Britt  in the next year! Are you all as excited as I am? Hope you are! Also, if you'd like to participate in our Birthday surprise for Britt, get your videos and pictures in soon!! The due date is July 25th! Need to see the post again, click here for more details!!!!!

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