Saturday, July 2, 2011

Britt Nicole Brasil & Britt Nicole Fans Birthday Bash!

Hey everyone! Britt Nicole Brasil and Britt Nicole Fans have decided to team up for Britt's birthday surpirse! If you're interested in being a part of it, read this post from Britt Nicole Brasil...

"Hey guys! Britt’s birthday is coming (August 2)! Last year some people joined us for a “virtual gift”. Let’s make something special this year again?! We hope for more people to join us on this year! We’ll make a video with pictures and videos that you guys will send to us.
You can send us a picture of you holding a big card wishing a happy birthday to her, holding a birthday cake; or you can record a video, upload it on YouTube and then send its link to us. But, ATTENTION, your video can’t exceed 30 seconds, OK?! You can send your photos or your video’s link to our email: (or You can send it until 25th July!"

Also, Remember to include your first name and the name of the country that you live in! You can send your video link or picture to or!

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