Friday, December 31, 2010

Conest and New Album Updates!

Don't forget about our contest we've got going on! Send your questions for Britt to this e-mail be sure to send them by January 7th! :)

Ok. Here's the new album update! In an interview with  Tracy Darlington she answered questions about her newst album "Acoustic EP" and at the end was this question! "What's next for you musically?" She answers this:

"You can expect something like my previous albums. We did Acoustic because we wanted people to really be able to hear the lyrics in the songs because my pop records have so many layers it’s not easy sometimes to not hear what the song’s about. We wanted people to really be able to hear the story in the song. Second, we had a lot of fans asking for me to do something acoustic because they had heard versions of the songs acoustically on YouTube and different radio stations, so they were asking if I would put something out like that. So hopefully maybe even people who don’t really love pop music will be able to hear the songs and like them done this way. But for my next record I’m going to still be the same artist I’ve always been. It’ll definitely be fun and pop."

I hope that this album comes out sometime in 2011! Happy New Year everyone! Keep sending in those questions! 

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