Friday, December 23, 2011

Story behind "All This Time"

The story behind "All This Time" was posted on Britt's site December 21. Take some time to read the whole thing. It makes the song much more meaningful! 

In preparation for the release of Britt's new album this spring, her first single "All This Time" will impact radio starting early January 2012.
Britt's story behind the song:

"All This Time is my salvation story.  It is the story of how I met
Jesus, and a reminder that whatever we face in life, we don't have to
face it alone because Jesus promised to never leave us or forsake us.

Here is a glimpse at my story and I hope one day I can hear yours.

When I was seven years old my parents were going through a divorce. I
remember running to my room with tears running down my face and opening
my big, pink, Precious Moments Bible (I know some of y'all had one of
those too!  haha).  I grew up hearing my grandpa preach about Jesus and
in that moment I needed Him to rescue me. With barely any words I cried
out to Jesus and right away I felt His presence fill my bedroom.  I knew
that He was real; I knew that He was with me and that He would never

Ever since that day there has never been a moment that I have walked
alone. Jesus has walked with me through the good and the bad. He is a
loyal and faithful God; the God who sees our heartache and knows that
the picture is much bigger than what we can see. He restores our
brokenness and redeems what we thought could never be redeemed.

But, this isn't just about my story, it's about yours. Your story
will reach people that I could never reach. Your story could be the
beginning of someone else's. So I encourage you to tell your story. No
matter how painful, how dark, how broken it may be, let people know that
our God rescues, saves, and restores and turns our pain into something

Together our stories will change the world and people will know that
God is real not because of the mere facts, but because we have
experienced Him.  I once heard a writer say, "Facts stay lodged in the
mind, but stories speak to the heart." Stories disarm the heart. No one
can argue with your story. It is real, it is powerful, and it is life

When someone asks me why I believe, I simply say, I believe in Jesus
not because someone told me to or because it was the right thing to do,
but because I met Him when I was just a little girl and He has been my
best friend and Father since. He saved me from a broken life and gave me
something to sing about. He restored my darkest moments and I know what
the enemy meant for bad, Jesus will turn for good.

It's not always easy to see in the moment, but if you take a second
to stop and look back over your life, you can see how God has always
been there watching over you, protecting you, and guiding you all the
way up until this very morning. From the first tear cried till today's
sunrise, He's been walking with you and with me, All This Time. "  


  1. This song is so powerful!!!! I had been looking for the story behind this song for sometime, and wondered if it had to do with abuse (my story). Though your story isn't the same as mine the song touched me deeply. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful song. It has deep meaning and gives glory to God. After listening to Britt Nicole's music I feel truly moved and truly priveleged to be a firm believer of the power of God.

  3. I was really looking for the meaning to this song as well and it wasn't really the story i was expecting but it makes the song i so much belief and a reason to listen to it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. This song touched me so much. And yes it touched a silent part in my regarding abuse. I was so moved by it. I believe in Jesus because He has touched my life like no one ever has

  5. beautiful song ......I identified with this song...When I was a young girl of 15 my mom died, at this time God revealed Himself to me...the first time I heard the song I thought thats my story too....Jesus is always with us no matter what. Thanks so much Britt Nicole for allowing God to work in and thru you.