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Gold: Album Review

Check out this review from Higher Rock Music about Britt Nicole's new album Gold by Tina Leonard!

"Internationally known to top the charts in the UK and throughout the US, Britt Nicole is no stranger to the music industry. Her sophomore release, “The Lost Get Found” debuted at number one on the Christian Album Billboard Charts and produced three top ten singles. On March 26, 2012 she will be releasing her third album, “Gold”. It is ironic to me that God’sperfect number is three and this album introduces itself as her best production to date.

Britt was born in North Carolina on August 2, 1985. Three short years later she began to utilize her vocal gift from God in her home church. She continued to blossom, singing on her local church television program and gracing the prestigious Carnegie Hallstage with her High School’s advanced choir. In 2011 she carried a nomination for “Female Vocalists of Year” through the Dove Award Association.
With two chart-topping albums in her pocket Miss Nicole has accumulated a large solid fan base. I have a feeling on March 26, that number is going to increase. The vocals on “Gold” resemble that which would be created by morphing Adele and Kate Perry into one voice. Lyrically speaking it’s more of a combination between Dara Maclean and Royal Tailor. With intricate beats that will get you on your feet and lyrically and vocally matured vibe this is definitely not a par for the course addition to her discography.
“All This Time”, which was the first release has been steadily remaining at number 16 for three weeks on the Billboard Charts. Any one who has truly been transformed by the love of God, could very well be wiping a tear away as this song reminds you how great He has truly been. Lyrically expressing, “I hear these people asking me, how do I know what I believe? Well, I am not the same me, and that’s all the proof I need. I felt love, I felt your grace, you stole my heart that day.” Sometimes we take for granted how far He has brought us from where we used to be and this song is a heartfelt reminder.
If you are like me, you usually have one or two favorites off of each album you buy. However, on this album it’s extremely difficult to narrow that down. As I was in my car listening to the titles single, “Gold” I did have a moment. I felt like teenager who should have been wearing a big pair of white shades like theGo-Go Girls used to wear, cruising around jamming out with the windows down. I wasn’t too concerned that I probably looked ridiculous to others, considering I am almost forty. The mere fact was that I was enjoying it immensely. There is a brief segment toward the end where it appears one of the Spice Girlstook over her microphone. As she breaks out, “So don’t let anybody tell you that your not above, and don’t let anybody tell you that you’re not enough, yeah there are days that we are feeling like we’re messed up but the truth is that we’re all diamonds in the rough”. It’s easy to hear why she has gained a good-sized fan base in the UK area.
“Look Like Love” is very lyrically powerful. Reminiscent of the popular release from Revive, titled blink.Britt shares the importance of taking time to share with others the love of Christ. Instead of a ballad as produced by Revive, she delivers a provoking feel good message to utilize your joy and happiness to lead others to the saving knowledge of the cross. The design of this type of song is to awaken you spiritually to be about your Father’s business, doing the work of the ministry, at the same time drawing your attention to spending time with family and friends. These things are pertinent to us during this day and age.
We all struggle and sometimes get discouraged in this walk, whether we have others supporting us or not. When the walls around us begin to crumble, we have to bury ourselves in faith. “Who You Say You Are”, is a fantastic composition and the message is encouraging to each and every single person who has trusted God to live for Him. “I’ll still be smiling when the sky is dark, cause I believe that you are who you say you are.”
Another addictive number “Ready or Not” has the same effect on me as “Gold”. It tends to be pushed up on volume control as I drive down the road with the breeze blowing through my hair. Vocally speaking I feel this song really puts Britt’s voice in a pocket where she truly sounds the most unique. I am uncertain who performs the rap section, but it slides right in there and just adds to the pure impeccable production of this piece.
“Breakthrough” is a victory driven melody that expresses someone putting their foot down in personal areas of their life. A destiny waiting where one is meant to be free and they are tired of the devil trying to bring them down. “You can’t make me fear. I’ve cried too many tears. Yeah I’ve had enough now I am gonna call your bluff.” The song does engage you in an electronic mix appearing to be the transitional moment for the breakthrough.
“Stand” is an encouraging tune about whatever one is facing, as long as we stand in faith knowing He is with us we will be fine. “The Sun Is Rising”, is one of the softer additions and really anchors on the essentiality of keeping your eyes on Christ.
Another electronic vibe awaits you in “Amazing Life”. This song returns a few tracks later with a remix version that adds more spice to the already spiritually adrenaline driven track.
“Still That Girl”, and “Seeing For The First Time” are both beautiful additions to this album and a great way to draw it to a close. You will find great similarity to the passionate moments that Kari Jobe shares on her up-tempo ballads. I think these two songs will get the most airplay if they are released as singles.“Seeing For The First Time”, is undeniably one of the best songs vocally on the entire album, crisp and soft and simply spotless. You can also feel her expression of heartfelt adoration come through as well.
There is a bonus track on the album titled “Straight For Your Heart”, which is a message from the throne of God to each and every one of us. “Your heart beats, but it is just keeping time. You’re living but you don’t feel alive. The world outside is turning, while yours is lying still, in a cycle spinning spiral holding you until. Right here, right now I am coming straight for your heart.”
I am about two listens away to the bonus track achieving number one status in my book. That being said, the entire album is simply great. Immanently the best album created by the lovely young Britt who truly just wants to express her love for God to others in a fun moving way. If you know young people who like the sound of Kate Perry, Lily Allen, or Kate Nash and you would like to influence them with a message of hope and faith that they can relate to musically buy them this CD. I believe you could change their lives with that simple gesture. Personally, if you enjoy Group 1 Crew, Royal Tailor, Dara Maclean, Kara Jobe, or you are a Contemporary Christian Music fan at all, on the 26th do yourself a favor and invite her sounds of music into your heart.
Bottom line, ready or not she is coming, she is golden and she is knocking it out of the box!"

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  1. The rapper in her song "Ready or Not" is Lecrae :)